What this APUSH Teacher Thinks about AP Classroom

Sidenote #1:

Last year, I aligned my APUSH course 100% with the CED (Topics, Key Concepts, and Pacing Guide) found on AP Classroom. I also made great use of the AP Classroom Progress Check Questions and AP Classroom Question Bank. The result — more students than ever received a score of 3 or better.

Sidenote #2

My decision to fully make use of all that is found on AP Classroom has left me with a considerable number of class periods to do with as I want. In other words, given my school’s academic calendar and all that AP Classroom has to offer, I haven’t needed nearly the number of school-allotted class periods to properly prepare my students for the May exam.

Sidenote #3

My school’s administrators are so intrigued by what I’m claiming here that they are seriously considering the idea of giving me a chance to teach an AP Psychology course this summer.



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Peter Paccone

Peter Paccone


High school APUSH teacher with much in-class and online teaching experience. Also a blogger, keynote speaker, editor, podcast host, and conference presenter.