This summer, I’m working with a few AP Psych teachers to produce a blog post that’s to be entitled Ten Project-Based Learning Opportunities for the AP Psych Course. Also hoping to include a few TOPSS teachers.

Below, six “authentic projects” that we might get mentioned in our blog post.

  1. A Digital Magazine entitled Teens Exploring Psychology (articles by teens for teens and possibly modeled after something like this).
  2. A Digital Primer entitled Unlocking the Teen Brain (with this primer to build on the work described in a 2017 Edutopia article entitled Learning by Doing: Students Write a Guide to Teen Psychology.)
  3. A Digital Museum Wall Exhibit designed for either the APA’s Virtual Psychology Museum or the National Museum of Psychology
  4. A High School Teacher Training (with this teacher training to build on what appears here.)
  5. An Internal Memo addressed to the Governing Board at iCivics and that recommends either the development of a new product or a new feature.
  6. A Resemblance Video (a three-to-ten minute, bite-sized bit of knowledge that corresponds in appearance or qualities to a youtube video produced by an esteemed educator and that proves of great viewing value to students enrolled in most high school Psychology courses.)

Want to join the team? Offer feedback and/or other project suggestions? If so, I can be reached at