The 1871 Chinese Massacre — One of the Worst Lynchings in U.S. History

Acrylic produced by SMHS junior Ellie K., entitled Reprise, and commemorating the 1871 Chinese Massacre

Commemorating the Massacre in Modern Times

Today, few know about the crimes that occurred in that Chinatown square. Even at our school, a school full of Chinese American students, very few, if any students, know of the massacre prior to their enrollement in the 11th-grade United States History course.


The Americans. Reconstruction to the 21st Century. McDougal Littell, 2006.


We both declare that this work is our own work and that we have correctly acknowledged the work of others. We further declare that this work is in accordance with SMHS Academic Honesty Policy and its guidance on good academic conduct and how to avoid plagiarism and other assessment irregularities.

  • Mansi Gokani
  • Ellie Kanda



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Peter Paccone

Peter Paccone

High school APUSH teacher with much in-class and online teaching experience. Also a blogger, keynote speaker, editor, podcast host, and conference presenter.