Assume You’ve Been Hired as a Social Media Product Influencer

And my student’s blog post — Better Booch Kombucha

In my AP Macroeconomics course this past semester, I challenged my students.

“Assume,” I said, “that you been hired as a ‘social media product influencer’ to favorably blog about a product of your choosing.”

One of my students, Conner S., readily accepted my challenge and after several drafts produced the well-worded blog post appearing below.

Better Booch Kombucha

The fermented tea that’s good enough to make you say mmmm, and refreshing enough to make you go ahhhh.

What’s a drink that has been around for centuries, but only recently appeared on the radar screen of the health-conscious? Hint: it contains live creatures that have been fermented.

That’s right! It’s something called kombucha.

For those of you not familiar with kombucha, it’s a green or black tea that is chock full of health benefits and made from yeast, sugar, and tea, with this mixture left to ferment, forming natural bacterias and acids. These form the SCOBY — which stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. Yummy-sounding, no?

The fermentation process also creates probiotics, which are microorganisms that have a plethora of health benefits. Some claim that kombucha helps with reducing cancer risks, boosting your immune system, and losing weight.

When I first heard about kombucha, I was so excited to try it. For me, it sounded like a trendy new drink that I could enjoy, with the health benefits just an extra plus. I found my first bottle at a grocery store and cracked it open. It was putrid. It tasted like straight vinegar and burned my throat. I was so unbelievably disappointed. That was three years ago.

Being me, I wanted to keep trying more and more because I wanted to be cool like the people who drank it! So I looked and I looked, annoying my parents to a great extent because the stuff is not cheap. But, since then, I found many different brands that put more effort into the taste.

I tried at least six different brands before settling on my top two: Humm and Better Booch.

Then, when given an opportunity in my Macroeconomics class to serve in the role of social media product influencer for a product of my choosing, I immediately thought of Humm and Better Booch, choosing to blog about the Better Booch Kombucha because the Better Booch Company is located in Huntington Park (25 minutes from where I live).

Founded in 2011, Better Booch has made it their mission to improve the flavor of kombucha. Their flavors are:

  • Morning Glory (peach + black tea)
  • Ginger Boost (ginger + lemongrass + mint)
  • Citrus Sunrise (grapefruit + sage + pu-erh tea)
  • Golden Pear (pear + tulsi + turmeric + black pepper)
  • Hibiscus Healer (hibiscus + cranberry + blueberry)
  • Ginger Mate (orange + ginger + Yerba Mate),
  • Rose Bliss (rose + white tea), Cherry Retreat (cherry + vanilla + bergamot)
  • Hola Horchata (cinnamon + vanilla + oolong tea)
  • Happy Apple (crisp apple + black tea)
  • Island Hopper (citrus + hops + oolong tea)

The Better Booch Company was started when one of the owner’s sisters was diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of the tentative research relating to kombucha’s cancer-fighting properties, Better Booch partnered with The City of Hope (the top cancer treatment and research center located in Torrance, California) in order to promote more discovery in the area. Better Booch believed that allopathic and naturopathic medicine could work together in powerful ways to combat many illnesses. Additionally, they hoped to create a platform to promote overall wellness, rather than just another product.

To learn even more about the company’s process and marketing strategies, I reached out to various contacts found on their website, but to date haven’t had anyone respond.

Still, for those wanting to give the Better Booch kombucha a try, their products are found in most stores, like Sprouts, Whole Foods, and various health food stores, as well as on the Better Booch website.

My personal favorite flavors are Rose Bliss and Happy Apple. The Rose Bliss tastes like a nice cup of iced rose tea, and the Happy Apple is just like apple cider. Both are able to mask the distinct vinegar flavors, making the overall experience so much more enjoyable.

If you are looking for a delicious drink full of health benefits, look no further than Better Booch Kombucha.

As the company claims on its website, Better Booch’s kombucha is indeed “good enough to make you say mmmm, and refreshing enough to make you go ahhhh.”



High school APUSH teacher with much in-class and online teaching experience. Also a blogger, keynote speaker, editor, podcast host, and conference presenter.

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Peter Paccone

High school APUSH teacher with much in-class and online teaching experience. Also a blogger, keynote speaker, editor, podcast host, and conference presenter.